Thursday, May 16, 2013


"Spring Nest", pastel,
by Karen Margulis
     “Watch your step” would be a useful slogan for me these days. I especially like the word “watch”, because it suggests the kind of completely committed awareness I want to foster in myself – an awareness that sometimes, sadly, seems absent in me for hours and days at a time. I want to be constantly on the alert, attentive as much as possible to the nuances of this peculiar and beguiling life I’m living. I want to watch what’s happening as carefully as a sharp-eyed sailor watches from the deck. This is a demanding mission for me, since an almost youthful heedlessness still, at 71, seems more prevalent in me than awareness. I still sometimes see in myself the rash impetuosity of my teenage years. I seem to come panting into a new day, dash through it, and then rush into sleep at the end, hoping that a few hours rest will help me race even faster tomorrow. It’s a swift and hassled world we live in, hardly the kind of environment to encourage “watching your step”, but I want to give it a good try. Instead of simply glancing at the gifts spring is giving us along the roads these days, I want to occasionally stop and study them; instead of a quick look, I want a long look; instead of just shooting past the songs of birds on my bicycle, I want to pause and truly listen, to sometimes let the bike come to a silent stop among their brave new songs. 

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