Wednesday, May 15, 2013


"Beach Sunrise", oil, by Sharon Schock

I rise early each morning, and it’s nice to know that other risings are also occurring, and are constantly occurring. As I type these words, my fingers rise above the right computer keys, and my chest rises each second as my lungs lift to let new life into my body. The grass in yards these flourishing spring days rises slightly higher almost by the hour, and flowers stand a little taller each morning. Even the tallest trees are slowly stretching higher this morning as I sit at my desk, and of course the sun, or so it will seem, will soon ascend and cause new light to lift up around me, somewhat like the surprising thoughts that sometimes slowly rise inside me.
I stood up a few seconds ago just to stretch, but maybe it was to show respect and praise for this life that leaps up, almost always, all around.

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