Friday, May 17, 2013


"Yellow Apple with Alarm Clock"
oil, by Hall Groat II

I have often heard the phrase, “the time has come”, and more and more it seems like a significant truth to me. The time, after all, has always come. The present moment has always been all there really is, has always been splendidly arriving with flags flying. It’s like the entrance of a procession, or a powerful person, or a stunning sunrise, each and every moment. It’s like a band beginning to play a stirring song, every single second. If I’m sitting at my desk typing, or talking to my wife while spring winds are shifting in the trees, or if I’m simply sitting outside in the generous sunshine, the time has come. Every second, I should hear an orchestra starting up with a symphony, should shout like someone who just received the greatest news, for the time has truly come. 

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