Monday, April 01, 2013


"Storm Clouds over the Meadow", oil, by Nigel Fletcher

I continually make the mistake of measuring and limiting my life, but today I will try to set right that mistake. We can only measure something that is made of matter, and the qualities of life that are beyond doubt indispensable are made of something far different than matter. Could I think, for instance, of measuring my love? Can I imagine putting a tape measure to my ability to be kind, or weighing my friendliness in a scale? And what about my inner energy, my desire to feel the force of life to the fullest every moment? Is that something that can be delineated and computed and catalogued? Can I say, when I reach a certain age, that I have used up the sum of my enthusiasm about life? The simple fact is that the essential things in life – the forces like gentleness and peacefulness and patience and goodness – are composed of that which defies all measurement and limitation. The courage that is part of my being this morning literally has no limit, and therefore cannot be measured and defined. It is as boundless as the heavens – more so, even. Today some people may consider me “old”, but the truly crucial aspects of Hamilton E. Salsich II are as unused and spirited as this fresh spring day.  

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