Tuesday, April 02, 2013


"Sunrise over Meynieux", oil, by Nigel Fletcher
      This painting made me think this morning of the several kinds of sunrises I could see every day – every hour, I guess.You might say there’s a rising sun inside all the moments that make their fresh starts so many times a day. All the seconds that come to pass carry cleanness and brilliance as special as any sunrise, if only I could notice it. It’s as if there’s a new-made morning in every passing moment – a chance to choose light instead of darkness, confidence instead of cynicism, the glow of hopefulness instead of the shadows of distrust. Tens of thousands of times each day, I could create a sunrise for myself by simply seeing the newness that’s rising around me. It would be easy, like looking for gold in a land of gold, or searching for warmth on a sunny shore.   

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