Sunday, March 31, 2013


This weekend, I put together a large garden cart for my wife, and it was an inspiring experience, because I saw, a short time after I started, that I was receiving substantial help from something so large and wise it’s like a limitless mind – the universe itself. After all, I am an inseparable part of this universe – a small speck, yes, but still absolutely fused with the vast universe that started me off some 71 years ago. The stars and winds are as much in me as I am in then. The atoms that sweep in and out of me make the sun shine as effortlessly as they make my bones and blood brand new each moment. The fragments that form my body were born at the Big Bang as surely as the galaxies were. As I was stumbling through the instructions for assembling the cart, for some reason I thought of the stars and how stalwart they are, and somehow I felt their spreading strength inside me. If they can shine so effortlessly for eons, perhaps I could construct this cart with stylish smoothness as well. If the winds can efficiently work their unsettled sorcery across thousands of miles, then maybe I could make this garden gift for my wife come together with easiness and satisfaction. 
Surprisingly, several hours later, thanks to the universe that always supports me, we were both looking at a smartly finished garden cart that can carry compost and leaves for years to come.        

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