Friday, March 29, 2013


"Vintage Gold Pocket Watch", oil,
by Hall Groat II 
Someone asked me recently what time I usually wake up, and I wish I had answered, “Every moment,” because, in fact, I
do awaken each moment, and so does everything and everyone else. This universe, you might say, continuously starts over. Each second is the start of something fresh and up-to-the-minute, the very latest style -- new-fangled, ultramodern, cutting edge. The universe can’t help but prepare pristine, unused moments, sort of like an entire cosmos constantly coming wide-awake – and I am part of all this. Everything’s always arousing and stirring, including me. Each moment my blood is newborn, my lungs are cleansed, my countless cells restructured. Each moment a clean, unsullied idea suggests itself to me, like the light of a new star. Awakening is my continuous honor and privilege as a member of this always starting-up universe. Whatever the clock happens to say, that’s when I wake up.

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