Friday, January 11, 2013


Some days a simple solution to all my so-called problems arises before me: clean the windowsI don’t mean literal windows – just the smudged and distorted windows of my puzzled mind. Because I look out at life through mental windows cluttered with strange obstructions set in place by my own preconceptions and intolerances, it’s nearly impossible for me to see, with any true accuracy, what’s really happening. I’ve had a hunch for years that my life is a pure paradise, if only I could wash the eyes of my mind and see what’s shining out there – take off the blindfold, throw aside the curtains, raise the shades, be astonished. I’ve heard of a man who, when his eyesight was restored after 40 years of blindness, went bouncing around in shock and amazement, and I wonder if I might do some bouncing myself if I could once see the abounding wonders of my life in this staggering universe. 

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