Thursday, January 10, 2013


My meals are special to me, especially breakfast with its almost-boiling coffee and thickset egg-and-spinach sandwiches, but I partake of powerful truths all day long, leaving me even more satisfied than after a carefully cooked meal. It may seem strange to speak of “eating” truths, but it seems to me that the truths of life are as healthful and wholesome as whole wheat bread or a perfectly baked potato. I eat a big breakfast to prepare my muscles and bones for a busy day, and I “eat” the essential truths as often as possible to stir up the fires of my thoughts. Just the simple truth that the most essential power in this universe is mental, and is always as close as this present moment, can create energy inside me that makes the get-up-and-go of good muscles seem insignificant by comparison. I am as strong as my thoughts, and since my thoughts know no frontiers and are as freewheeling as the wind, they bring the kind of nourishment to my soul that far exceeds what my robust breakfasts bring to my body. 

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