Sunday, January 13, 2013


 It’s always fun to say “enough”, since it has something to do with feeling satisfied and fulfilled -- and I’ve been saying it a lot in the last few years. I find, more and more, that I need almost nothing that I don’t already have. Sure, sometimes I seem to need better health or more money or a new shirt or shoes, but what I usually need is just a fresh idea, and I have a limitless supply of those. When I think I need new things, what I might need is just new thoughts. Instead of a different shirt, all I may need is a different idea. It might seem surprising to say that thoughts supply my needs, but why should it, since the supply of thoughts is as vast as oceans and as accessible as sunshine? I always have “enough” of the best in life, because I always have the best of a never-ending fund of ideas. If I feel defeated by the demands of life, I can choose – it’s as easy as that – to think in a new way and see my days as miracles instead of disasters. I can choose to think that true power lies in ideas more than in material things. This is not just “positive thinking”, not just hiding from the horrors of life and living a fantasy of artificial happiness, but rather this is seeing the simple facts of life. Thoughts, not things, rule our lives, and always have, and that thought in itself is enough to fill any moment with a sense of satisfaction. When the achievements or wreckage of material things make our days seem defenseless and haphazard, we can simply choose to think the truth and see that all the moments of our lives are marvels made of utterly fulfilling ideas. We can choose to be satisfied with the continuous richness of our own life-giving thoughts.  

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