Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today we drove to Boston to meet Aaron and see Noel Coward's famous play, "Private Lives". Delycia and I loved being with Aaron for a few hours, but I think we both found the play to be silly, pointless, and even somewhat insulting. It's a play that's famous for its witty repartee, but we found it to be a rather brainless display of humorous cruelty (as if cruelty is ever funny). I saw no point in the play -- no hidden truths, no deeper meaning, no reason for it to be put on stage to such applause as we heard today. It's a story of superficial friendship and out-of-control lust, and I think Delycia and I were both happy when it finally ended. Our applause was polite, but by no means wholehearted.

However, lunch with Aaron and a stroll around Boston with him before the play made the drive worth it, easily.

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