Saturday, June 16, 2012

View from Napatree Point
Yesterday we spent the morning with friends, walking the beach at Napatree Point and then enjoying breakfast together at St. Clair's. It was a cool and perfectly clear morning, with just a wisp of a cloud or two above, and a bold, silvery light all across the water. We walked at a good but not grueling pace, talking and gesturing and simply satisfied to be where we were. Delycia was usually not by my side, but instead (good for her) getting to know my old friends, side by side. Breakfast was by the window at the cafe, with pancakes and sandwiches and steaming coffee. Later, Delycia and I rode our bikes quite hard down the shoreline past Misquamicut and back. The wind was a mighty one, and we pumped with considerable power most of the way. I was winded, totally, when we finished.

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