Sunday, June 17, 2012

Today we enjoyed a special Father's Day cookout at Corina's house in Worcester, with Luke and young Ilinka. Delycia and I had a quiet drive up, with a stop for gas and bottles of water, and got to the house just when the chicken was browning perfectly on the grill. Corina fixed a delicious salad with English cucumbers and mint,  and a fine sweet potato salad. We ate well and talked long about all sorts of things.

Later, back at Connecticut College, Delycia and I attended a wonderful concert of early Mediterranean music. The musicians used unusual instruments, and used them to perfection. We applauded happily at the end of every piece.

Dinner was at the Stonington Pizza Palace, for a treat. We snuggled close in a booth, enjoying a veggie pizza and the best kind of friendship.

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