Friday, July 10, 2009


(written in October, 2006)
This morning, someone said, “Isn't it a glorious day?”, so I decided to look for glory all day – and I found it in many places. For example, I found it in a glittering tree I passed on the way to school. I rounded a corner and there it was, shining out across a hillside like a call to glory. I was a little sleepy when I first noticed the tree, but its special beauty snapped me awake. I also found glory in the face of some first-graders as they pranced down the walkway at recess. Their faces were as fresh as a sunrise and as glorious as a sunset. I had just finished teaching a somewhat disappointing lesson, and those magnificent faces were just what I needed to lift my spirits. And finally, I discovered glory in a single paragraph in the book I’m reading, Jane Eyre. Can excellent writing be called glorious? I think so, if it’s filled with sentences so clear they seem to shimmer on the page. Yesterday, in fact, I think I could have found glory anywhere, because the whole day glowed like light in October.

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