Saturday, July 11, 2009


There are many kinds of power, but to me the power of gentleness is the greatest. For example, consider the strong gentleness of a river. Water is one of the softest of all material things, and yet it can move trees and houses when it floods in the spring. This gentle substance that washes your dishes can effortlessly wash away an entire town in flood season. In addition, there is the persistent power of even the softest breeze. A cool breeze in the summer can refresh the lives (and nerves) of an entire town in a matter of minutes. One minute you’re sweating and frustrated, and the next minute you’re relishing your life while a tender breeze ruffles you’re hair. And finally, the strongest, bravest, most admirable people I know are also the gentlest. These are people who know that the most important battles are won by gentleness. Like rivers, these people flow softly along with enormous power. Like the breezes of summer, they change our lives with their strong, relentless gentleness.

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