Thursday, July 09, 2009


Today I want to work hard, but I also want to think about exactly what that means. I have always liked the idea of work – the idea that by applying my will and energy, I can accomplish things. However, today I want to think of work in another way – a spiritual way. I want to ask who – or what – actually does the work that I speak of? What I am starting to understand, more and more clearly, is that all the work that will be done today will actually not be done by any individual persons (like me), but rather by the infinite, always-present Mind. This Mind, in a sense, has no choice but to work. It’s always working. Thought is always happening today – and thought is what actually does the work. Each moment on earth, something like three billion thoughts are happening – sort of like waves happen in the sea – and that is where the astonishing power of today comes from. So … I don’t have to work hard, because I am part of the infinite Mind that is always working hard. All I have to do is stay aware of that.

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