Thursday, September 20, 2007


E is for Easy

I would like my English classes to be known as both easy and hard. The “easy” part would stem, first, from the fact that students, I hope, feel comfortable in my classes. My goal is to create an easygoing, casual atmosphere, where kids can feel somewhat relaxed and even cozy. In a way, I try to make my classroom feel as much like a “home” as possible, a place where life is as uncomplicated as it is in the students’ own living room. Then again, I would also like kids to think of my classes as hard. Most students appreciate a teacher who gives them arduous tasks to complete, makes them climb steep and severe academic trails. I wouldn’t mind if my classes were thought of as inconvenient, troublesome, demanding, even occasionally backbreaking, for setting high standards is a major part of my responsibility as a teacher. Still, I would hope there would always be a sense of comfort and ease underneath, or behind, all the rigorous work. I want my students to become effortless writers and fluid readers, so that any future English classes might be almost painless and stress-free. I want them to feel a laid-back gracefulness, both in my class and in themselves as students of English. I want them to work hard, yes, but in an easy and poised way.

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