Friday, May 25, 2007

Yesterday was a day of lovely sunshine and exuberant performances. All day long at school the most pleasant breezes blew through the campus, and sunshine graced all the grounds. I didn’t hold my classes outside (as I sometimes do), but I felt like we were outdoors as we talked in my bright and breezy classroom. Walking from building to building was like taking a delightful stroll in the most perfect weather. It was the kind of weather that flawlessly fit the mood of the students, because excitement was in the air yesterday. The kids were restlessly looking forward to the evening performance of the annual “Spring Arts Program”, and they seemed to move down the halls as eagerly as the breezes in the trees. Several times I came close to being side-swiped by a keyed up student on the move from class to class. The enthusiasm rose to its peak around 7:00, when the curtain went up in the auditorium. I had to stay with the 8th graders until they went on stage, but that was almost as exciting as watching the show. The kids were beside themselves with exhilaration as they waited their turn. Mingling with them in the large Music Room, I felt like I was outside somewhere with dozens of pleasing spring breezes swirling around me.

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