Saturday, May 26, 2007

Today I want to ponder the wonderful truth that belief has all power. Actually, it is not only wonderful, but shocking. It’s almost too hard to accept the simple fact that what I’m believing at any given moment creates all the power in my life. It goes against all my prior ideas about power, which suggested that power was located in countless material things and forces. Now I begin to see (as I think Jesus did) that everything begins with belief, not matter. Any event, happening, occurrence, experience, or consequence is, in the end, the outcome of a belief that I have entertained. It may appear to have something to do with matter, but if I go deep enough into the facts, I will always come head to head with a belief. This is, indeed, a most astonishing discovery for me. It is, in fact, the most important discovery I have ever made, for it uncovers the central power of the universe: belief, faith, conviction, idea. Today, and every day, the universe is guided by thought. This is God, Allah, Buddha, and the Tao. It’s the only power. I live in it and it lives in me.

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