Thursday, May 24, 2007

It occurred to me this morning that my students and I are passengers on a mystifying voyage. We’re traveling together in a nameless vehicle with an unidentified destination. As a teacher, I like to pretend that I know where my students and I are going each day, but the truth is that Life is sweeping us along to no one knows where. Each day in English class -- each moment -- we arrive at a mysterious destination, one that is utterly new and totally miraculous. A wonderful aspect of this journey is that our passage is free of charge (the Universe has paid the fee), and we’re not required to do any real work on the vehicle. By simply being alive, we have gained the right to a complimentary ticket, and the Universe does all the work. It provides the power and guidance for the trip, so all we have to do is sit back, relax, and take pleasure in the developing sights, sounds, and thoughts. Indeed, it is the thoughts that are the most fascinating feature of this endless journey that my students and I are on. We’re traveling to scenic locations of the mind (or Mind, because there’s no end to the possible thoughts we can have). Each moment in our classroom expedition, a new idea rises in front of us like an enchanted isle. All we have to do is be watchful for it and enjoy its charms, and then watch for the next thought as it comes into view.

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