Sunday, May 13, 2007

If you were looking for a demonstration of pure tranquility, you should have been with me yesterday. The hours passed like a peaceful river. It started with my drive up to Jaimie and Jessy’s with Matt. The afternoon was lovely and the countryside pristine, perfect for driving, talking, laughing, and just enjoying a friendship. We talked a lot about teaching (a favorite subject of ours), but also about baseball, the weather, and our lives. No conversation between father and son could have been more relaxing or restful. We picked up young Noah (almost 4) and then drove up to a Barnes and Noble near Worcester to spend some time with Luke (or Lukey-boy, as Noah calls his uncle) and baby Josh (11 months). We enjoyed a soothing hour or so just visiting and appreciating each other’s company. We first ate lunch in the cafe (Noah had grilled cheese and Josh relished single Cheerios provided by Luke every so often), and then browsed among the books and toys in the children’s section. I think Noah spent as much time studying the other mysterious children as looking at books. We said our goodbyes and then Matt and I and Noah drove back to Jaimie and Jess’s house in the forest. We only stayed for a few minutes, but it was enough time to enjoy the company of the flawless and exquisite Ava Elizabeth (two weeks old). When we walked into the house, there was mellow music playing, and Jaimie was rocking back and forth with Ava, as perfect a little person as I’ve ever seen, resting quietly in his lap. To me, the entire scene, including Jessy working serenely nearby on her laptop, was a miracle of tranquility, as the entire charming day had been for me.

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