Saturday, May 19, 2007

I returned on Thursday from an exhausting, inspiring, and happy trip to Washington with my 8th grade students. I must admit that I was entirely done in by the time I reached my little apartment by the park. I could barely make my way around the rooms to unpack and prepare a small dinner. Even now, two days later, I feel the draining effects of four days of travel with 25 teenagers. On the other hand, I also still feel the uplifting stimulations and insights gained on the trip. These were days in which I studied, learned, discovered, realized, and came to understand many things. I felt stirred and inspired by the places we visited, but even more so by the kids and teachers I was with. This trip was truly transformative for me: I’m a more perceptive and appreciative person than I was before. This is partly the result of the pure happiness that I felt throughout the four days. I am one of the truly fortunate people on earth, a man who was generously paid to travel around a beautiful city with a group of entirely cordial and accommodating people. I felt nothing but gratitude as the cheerful hours and days passed. And now, sitting at my desk on Saturday morning, I must admit to feeling a dash of regret that my trips with kids are over until another school year begins.

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