Tuesday, July 02, 2013


    Last night, Delycia and participated in a drumming circle at Kripalu, and the rhythms we worked with called to mind some rhythms I almost never notice in my daily, on-the-go life. There’s the rhythm, for instance, of my rising and falling heart as it manages the music of my body. My life moves in a steady, reassuring cadence that I rarely recognize, and most of it is made by my heart. Songs sing inside me every second, the songs of a musical heart and the blood borne along by its steady beat. I would do well to wait, every so often, and listen to this quiet and constant orchestra inside me. I could also listen more alertly to the rhythms of the thoughts that pass through me. They’re always flowing – cheerful thoughts and sad ones, uplifting thoughts and lonely ones – and they do seem to move in a certain pulse and pace. It’s as if my thoughts are parts of a graceful song continuously sung to me by the universe, a song I rarely notice, a song as pulsating and surprising as the sounds of the circle of drums last night.

Written at
The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health,
R+R with Delycia

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