Monday, July 01, 2013


Some Thoughts from
The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health
     It may seem strange to think of ideas as forces that can “fall” upon a person, but sometimes it does seem to happen, a thought suddenly swooping down on me like a storm that sweeps everything else away. It can create a newness and impressiveness in my life, like a letting go of all that’s old while something fresh flows in. I’m one person one second, and then some surprising, sweeping idea descends into my life, and suddenly I’m someone new, someone I’ve never met. It feels like a mental flood has flowed through me, leaving something lighthearted and bright when it’s gone. For instance, occasionally this idea drops right down on me, as it did again this morning – that thoughts are more powerful than things. It’s a simple concept – the notion that a strongly held optimistic thought can conquer any situation, no matter how menacing it might seem – and it’s one that has occasionally restarted my life. This morning, because I understood, once again, that the positive thoughts inside me can speak with infinitely more force than any troublesome circumstance outside me, I suddenly felt startlingly free – fresh and remade. I felt reborn as a force, not of blood and bones, but of soul and spirit, all because of a single stirring thought from somewhere above and beyond.   

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