Monday, May 20, 2013


"Colorful Crayons", oil,
by Linda Apple
       Some days, I feel like my pockets are full of special crayons that can color the world in beautiful ways. Of course, it doesn’t really need coloring, for all things, even the smallest stick in the grass or the most short-lived cloud in the sky, shine with assorted hues of color, but sometimes it’s fun to feel like a kid again and color my days like they’re pages in a coloring book. Most days can be made to glow with colors, and I take pleasure in pretending that I’m the artist. I swish my crayons across hours of gray rain, and what I see then is hours of softness and freedom. I color a tedious meeting with various shades, and suddenly there’s something stirring in the words we speak. I use “sky blue” and “melon” on some strenuous duties, and step back and see the secret rewards in them. It sometimes takes just a second to swipe some colors across a person or a situation and notice, however faint, something beautiful. It doesn’t always work, but in a world that often seems stained with sorrow and darkness, it’s worth a try.          

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