Wednesday, May 29, 2013


"Wind and Clouds", watercolor,
by Gretchen Kelly
When things seem stirred up in my life, sometimes all I have to do is see more clearly. I've found that if I can simply notice the usually unnoticed things around me, life then feels lighter and more leisurely. If, for instance, I take some time to tour my wife’s garden on these abundant days of May, and actually see the assorted shades of the blossoms, actually notice the slight but continuous shifting of the flowers in the faintest winds, I almost always come away with a quieter feeling about life. Problems seem simpler after I’ve studied the colors of clouds for a few seconds, or seen the different ways two houses shine in the sunlight, or observed the flow among the millions of new leaves in windy trees. Even taking the time to notice the patterns in one of my wife’s colorful table cloths, or the way a window shows the shades of early morning light, might make a day seem sort of effortless, it’s potential problems rather powerless and easy to solve. 

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