Tuesday, May 28, 2013


"Pena at the Plate", oil,
by V....Vaughn
It’s always a thrill to see your team’s runners running home in a baseball game, and yet it sometimes occurs to me that something just as thrilling happens to me many times each day. I guess you could say I “score” every second of every day, simply because I’m alive in this uplifting world. With every surprising breath, I score another run, and all of my thoughts somehow make it all the way home. Just seeing daylight once more this morning means I’ll again be racing around the bases all day, giving waves to the world as it watches and cheers. It’s a sport of constant though sometimes concealed  triumphs, this beguiling game of life. Sometimes I score without even knowing it. I breathe in and bang a triple, breathe out and break a record.

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