Tuesday, March 26, 2013


"Landscape Blue II", oil, by Gabriel Phipps

    Because a good friend of mine, Gabe Phipps (also my son-in-law), is featured in a group art exhibition entitled "Simultaneity", I've been considering the countless ways simultaneity shows up in my life. As I sit beside the small window in my study and see the last stars in the morning sky, numberless events are simultaneously making themselves felt in this harmonious universe. I'm typing, blood is flowing through my fingers, my small lamp is letting its light out into the room, the furnace in the cellar is singing a warm song, the day is starting to show its first light. Despite the appearance of occasional chaos , this world is a well-balanced place. Friendliness flows through all things as they occur with their surprising graciousness -- millions of people preparing a fresh start to their day, countless cars streaming down the interstate to do something special, the trustworthy sunlight starting to color the sky, my fingers finding the keys to make a few fresh sentences.  

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