Wednesday, March 27, 2013


"The Bathroom Sink", oil, by Elizabeth Fraser
   I still find it fairly stunning to simply turn a tap and see fresh water instantly start running, but of course, it's the way the entire 
universe works, so I suppose it shouldn't be surprising. The universe flows for me in limitless and instant ways. Doesn't fresh oxygen flood into my bloodstream with every breath, and don't thoughts flow forever through my mind, and doesn't the light of the sun stream across the world each day, and aren't all the measureless stars always racing along? The universe can't be turned off. Some kind of wind, soft or strong, is always sweeping around our houses, and feelings of all sorts are steadily surging through us. There are times when the water taps in my house are shut off, but the taps of the universe are always fully open.  Sunlight is always somewhere, shining with its fullness, and ideas are always cascading, with affluence and freshness, through these rushing lives of ours.

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