Sunday, February 03, 2013

Swimming, Dolls, and Drawing

"Spring Fling", oil, by Robin Cheers
We spent two wonderful days with the kids and grandkids – yesterday evening with Noah and Ava at Jamie’s, and today at the Worcester YMCA pool with Josh, Ilinca, and Luke.
At Jamie’s, I drew pictures with Noah at his new drawing table. He’s an up-and-coming drawer himself, but he was excited to see me draw, and he loved giving me instructions about what to draw: “Let’s draw four special rooms, Hammy, all with special things in them.” He also showed me a new iPad app that looked very much like something an engineering student would enjoy – all sorts of wheels and gears and balls moving and connecting and clicking. He tried to explain it to me, but it was as mystifying as high school algebra was all those years ago.
 Ava and Delycia and I played with some of Ava’s dolls, with me sometimes being the big old dog who comes along and needs to be fed and pampered.
Today at the pool, we had a great time splashing and laughing. I felt lucky to be there to see Josh jumping from the side with smiles, Ilinca swimming like a seal, Luke being the good and loyal dad he is, and Delycia loving the water and her family. 

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