Sunday, February 03, 2013


"Sleepy Side Road", oil, by Tom Brown
Every so often I hear someone say they’re “getting up to speed”, and it usually reminds me that I need to get down to speed. There’s so much rushing and dashing these days, so much whooshing from one must-do task to another, that slowing down has become, for me at least, a life-saving strategy. We all seem to be speeding on the interstates of our lives, all trying to take the lead and leave others behind, but I want to find the secluded side roads, reduce speed, and see what’s happening around me.  There are fine things to find in life, but I won’t find them if I’m forever trying to go faster, do more, rise higher. There’s a gift for me in every moment, but I won’t see it if I’m speeding away to the next moment. I need to do more moseying instead of always zooming and whizzing. Rather than pick up speed, I need to put it down. 

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