Friday, December 07, 2012


This may sound strange, but I think I'm more like a verb than a noun. I'm more like a constantly starting and rising up and shifting “event” than a solid, separate substance called a person. After all, nothing in this life is stationary or fixed, including me. My cells are continually vanishing and being replaced, second by second, and so is everything around me. The atoms in the air come to me from vast distances, and fresher ones succeed them in a flash. Process is everywhere and stasis is nowhere. I am a rosy-cheeked thought each moment, and then a rosy-cheeked action, and then another rosy-cheeked thought. It happens swiftly and endlessly, with no pause. It’s verbs, not nouns. Who am I? I am “Laughing” or “Pointing” or “Speaking” or “Smiling”, not a lackluster, cast-iron person carrying the label “Hamilton Salsich”. 

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