Thursday, December 06, 2012


     As I look forward to this new day, the word “unhurried” comes to mind as a description of the kind of living I’d like to do. I don’t want to rush through a meal, sprint through a ‘to do’ list, or try to shoot ahead with impulsive words and actions. No accomplishment ever comes from impetuosity. I want to do everything the way the sun comes to us each day -- slowly, and with ease and steadiness. I must trust that the universe, including myself, will somehow complete its selected missions today. I must trust that the stars and planets will perform their duties whether I complete six tasks or sixteen. Hearts will work like magic in Mystic, and cells by the zillions will keep being reborn in bodies on Barnes Road and Burrows Street, no matter how much I do or don’t do today. No rushing is required. Nothing need be done except with attentiveness and respect. The unfolding of flowers can’t be hurried, nor can earnest, lighthearted living. 

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