Tuesday, December 11, 2012


(for Charlie Wright)

After five years, he came back to us
as quiet as the clear sky above our school.
To us, it was as if all the leaves on all the lawns
had suddenly been swept away by a wondrous force,
or the imprisoning clouds had been pushed aside
so the stars could use their grace and goodness
above us. It was as if all things
were made new. His conversations sounded
like songs, and his handshakes were silent
expressions of thanks that he was with us again.
This school, to him, was like a sacred city once again,
and his simplest thoughts seemed like visions
of what could still be done.
We were lucky he let us be with him again.
Standing beside him was somehow like being special,
as special as this small,
sparkling school he loves so much. 

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