Tuesday, December 11, 2012


     Perhaps I should seriously consider myself a “convenience” for my friends and family and passing acquaintances -- a useful device that assists them in building satisfying lives for themselves. Just as a laptop computer is seen as a convenience for the traveling executive, making her or him a more efficient manager of the company’s affairs, I might consider myself an aid or a tool for the people in my life to make use of as they pursue their various goals.  Don’t we surround ourselves with conveniences, and aren’t some of these conveniences exceedingly important to us? If I want to read at night, I have lamps suitably placed to glow and give good light for my eyes. If I want a drink of water, I have the usefulness of the faucet and its faithful flow of water. Conveniences make it easier for us to do essential tasks, and isn’t that what all of us should be doing for each other? We all want to be successful, and I should consistently be there for others, like a likeable tool that lets their tasks be easier.  Similar to a walking stick and sturdy boots, I should be ready to assist those around me as they pace along the paths of their lives.

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