Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Yesterday, the last day of single life for  us, Delycia and I took a short, speedy bike ride around West Mystic, climbing long hills as fast as possible and cruising beside each other on the flatter streets. Later, we talked a lot about today -- about how totally unimaginable it is that we are shedding our single lives at the age of 70, about how exhilarated we both are, about feeling like 70 and 14 at the same time. Matty came by in the afternoon and he and I had a wonderful chat on the deck, and then Delycia and I enjoyed a quiet evening as we looked ahead to this very happy step.

It's now Wednesday morning, August 1, 2012 -- exactly one year from our first date for a cuppa at the Natick Mall. In three hours, two people born before Pearl Harbor will become Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton E. Salsich. Simply unbelievable. 

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