Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 There sometimes seem to be serious contrary forces in my classroom – forces that follow me around as I try to fulfill my lesson plan, forces that find all kinds of ways to oppose what I had planned to do – and yet, there is always, I know, a force inside me that is mightier than any of these rebellious ones. I often fret, as I’m waiting for the students to show up for class, about the countless things that could go wrong – and it’s interesting that I call them “things”. They seem to be solid and substantial objects, these powers that pretend to threaten my teaching, and yet they are as slight and transitory as softly flowing winds. In my mind, they make the noise of confusion and disarray, and yet they pass by and disappear as surely as bubbles in a stream do. What doesn’t pass by – what stays with me persistently and eternally – are the vast forces I have inside me, simply because of the gift of good thoughts. For every “problem” that seems to present itself as I’m teaching, there’s a thought that can throw out enough light to light up a dusky sky. For every rebellious force that finds ways to pester me, there’s the exultant power of vast and reassuring ideas. I just have to stay calm. I just have to wait and watch for the ideas that always arise, and that easily sweep away, like insignificant dust, any problem that pretends to be stronger than good teaching and learning.  

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