Sunday, July 15, 2007


Noah and a giant strawberry

Josh and Stacey

Kaylee and Noah at Christmas

Yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing my four grandchildren (see photos) for a few hours. My first stop was in Brooklyn, CT, where it was wonderful to see Noah with his charming new haircut, his bright beaming face prettier than ever. After chatting with Jaimie and Jess for a while, I drove Noah up to visit with Kaylee, Josh, Luke, and Krissy. We hung out at their shady home on Howe Lane, and then Luke and I and the kids went to Barnes and Noble for a few hours of fun. Josh, as usual, was active, buoyant, and happy, while Kaylee entertained Noah like only the best of older cousins do. When I brought Noah back home (he dozed off in the back seat), I had a chance to pay my respects to the adorable Ava Elizabeth (nearly 3 months old now). She studied my face, smiled at me, and even (I swear) talked to me. Looking at her, I realized, for the thousand thousandth time, just how fortunate a granddad I am.

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