Sunday, June 24, 2007

Yesterday, Matt, Stacey, and I enjoyed a beautiful evening in the park at the annual “Summer Pops” festival. I had set out some blankets on Friday night, and by the time we arrived with our picnic supplies yesterday around 6:00 pm, the place was nearly filled. I was struck by the large number of people who were apparently alone, sitting by themselves on their blanket or in a chair, some reading and some just enjoying the lovely look of the early evening. A woman behind us was one of those. I assumed she was waiting for others, because she had a large blanket spread out, but no one ever joined her, and she experienced the evening of starlight and music by herself. Matt, Stacey, and I talked, laughed, and enjoyed our KFC picnic meal as we took in the beautiful surroundings. I recall the light blue look of the evening sky as the sunlight slowly left, and also the several long strings of balloons ascending and swinging above the crowd. The entire evening was a spectacle I won’t soon forget. Of course, the music was wonderful. I especially appreciated the special guests, a group of skilled brass and wind players, and the local big band from URI wasn’t bad, either. Mostly, though, I just loved leaning back in my beach chair and being grateful that I was exactly where I was.

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