Saturday, June 23, 2007

What I believe about life controls everything I do. My beliefs are like riders controlling the reins, and I am the horse. If my belief says that the world is a matter-based, scary place, every thought and action will be guided by that belief. Even the smallest, most insignificant act will be steered by my belief in the threatening nature of life. It’s impossible to overstate the power of beliefs. All the billions of people on the earth are operating, right now, under the guidance of their beliefs. If you could somehow harness all the power of these beliefs, it would easily be the strongest power in the universe. The wonderful truth hidden in all this is that I don’t have to believe in the matter-based, menacing nature of life. There is another way of seeing – believing in – life, and that is that life is spirit-based and harmonious. If I approach each day guided by that belief, I experience a very different kind of power and a totally different kind of life. Life becomes an enjoyable game instead of a fight to the death. Nonstop struggle is replaced by eternal harmony. It’s as simple as changing riders on a horse.

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