Tuesday, May 01, 2007

One of my main goals is to be a gracious teacher for my students. I want to be kind, benevolent, and courteous to them, because they deserve it. My students are astonishing kids, every one of them, and as such they are worthy of my utmost respect. I want to treat them with the dignity they have earned simply by being good young people, day after day. I hope my graciousness can also extend to my classroom environment. I want to provide an atmosphere that’s characterized by good taste, comfort, and ease. When the students walk into my room, I hope they exclaim to themselves, “Now this is a sweet place to do some learning!” As a final point, I want to be a gracious teacher in the sense of being compassionate, and even merciful when mercy is called for. I want to lead my students, because that’s part of my responsibility, but I want to lead in a kindly and generous manner. I want to remember the words of the old hymn: “Speak gently. It is better far to rule by love than fear.”

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