Tuesday, May 01, 2007

On this first day of May, I’m pleased to report that the mild weather has returned. There’s been a gentleness in the air that is quite welcome after the harsh weeks of wintry weather we had in March and April. I kept the windows open in my classroom at the Subase last evening, and the balmy breeze swirled the blinds and swept around the room as we discussed stories and poems. Now, typing at 5:12 am, the window is open so I can feel the peaceable morning air of spring. Later today, I’m hoping to hold some of my classes outside in the pleasant garden beside my classroom. I picture myself sitting out in the sunshine with the students, conversing about the niceties of 8th grade English while enjoying the easygoing breezes of May. There’s a serenity in that kind of teaching that is not often present inside my somewhat airless classroom. Later, after school, I plan to do my exercise-walking down in the park. I look forward to feeling the placid air on my skin as I climb the steps by the pond over and over again. Perhaps I won’t feel quite as exhausted as I usually do. In the youthfulness of springtime, maybe I’ll feel a singular freshness in my step.

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