Saturday, April 14, 2007

Today the weather warmed up to the low 50s, and somehow, for me, this helped the day seem unusally harmonious. Everything seemed to work together for good. Nothing extraordinary happened, just a great number of small experiences that blended together in perfect concord. With the spring-like weather came a tranquility that was more than welcome after a very eventful week. I graded papers in the morning at my desk, and the work went as smoothly as it ever has. I had my lamp directly over the papers, giving me an ideal light for reading and writing comments. My written words to the students came easily -- almost, it seemed, without effort. Later, I went to school and prepared for the coming week. There was a look of spring outside my windows, with birds floating back and forth and the trees swaying slightly in the breezes. There seemed to be a sense of peacefulness out there, and I felt the same feeling in my room as I listened to Mozart and assembled materials for another good week ahead.

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