Friday, April 13, 2007

For me, every day at school is a special one. Each class I teach surpasses what is common or usual, simply because it’s new and different. In fact, it’s impossible for me (or any teacher, actually) to teach an “ordinary” class, even if I wanted to. Each moment of my life and my students’ lives is brand new, and therefore each moment of class is fresh and original, no matter how "well" or "poorly" I teach. Every day in the history of the universe is exceptional and consequently every English class in Room 2 at Pine Point School is exceptional. Using another sense of the word "special", it’s also possible to say that each school day is distinct among others. Just as we have special types of paint and special medications for different illnesses, each day at school is a special type of day – the exact kind my students and I need at that time of our lives. As I awaken each day, I can confidently say that this day will be the special one that is perfect for me. I can also confidently say that each day of my teaching has a special and specific function. Every person on a space shuttle flight has a particular role in the mission, and every day in my classroom has a particular part to play in the overall education of my students and me. I can greet each school day the way I would greet a special expert who can perform an exclusive and vital function. On our long journey through the universe of education, each special day (which is every day) has a singular job to perform for my students and me, which is precisely why I should be so glad to see each new day arrive.

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