Sunday, January 07, 2007

A quote from Paradise Lost :
“...this Heaven which we behold
Distant so high, with moving fires adorned
Innumerable; and this which yields or fills
All space, the ambient Air, wide interfused,
Embracing round this florid Earth.”

And two quotes from George Eliot's Middlemarch:
“...a girl who would have been requiring you to see the stars by daylight.” (referring to Dorothea Brooke)

“[I]t was now time for him to adorn his life with the graces of female companionship, to irradiate the gloom which fatigue was apt to hang over the intervals of studious labor with the play of female fancy, and to secure in this, his culminating age, the solace of female tendance for his declining years. Hence he determined to abandon himself to the stream of feeling, and perhaps was surprised to find what an exceedingly shallow rill it was.” (spoken about Mr. Casaubon)

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