Saturday, January 06, 2007

I spent some fine hours up in Millbury with Luke and young Joshy today. Luke wanted to look for some shoes at the mall, and he also wanted to give Krissy some time by herself, so we three guys (Josh in back in the car-seat) headed out for some quality time together. We first drove along the highway for a few minutes so the little fellow would fall asleep, which he almost instantly did. The hum and gentle roll of the car worked its magic, and by the time we reached the mall, Josh was in z-land. Luke gently transferred him (still in the car-seat) to the stroller, and we headed into the shoe store. Luke quickly found two pairs that he liked, and after browsing the aisles a bit, we made the purchases and checked out. By that time, Josh was awake again and smiling in his amiable way, so we drove over to Barnes and Noble and sat in the café and talked. Luke fed Josh some of his bottle, but Josh seemed way more interested in the sunshine coming through the window and in the many curious people passing through the store. He cooed and smiled and chuckled as he lightheartedly tugged at the nipple. Luke and I shared in his obvious happiness as we sat at the little table.

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