Thursday, December 14, 2006

In my fortunate life, everything seemed harmonious yesterday . In the early morning, I had a quiet, productive study period at my desk, slowly reading through some spiritual pages. As I read, I felt a pleasant balance between work and play. I tried my best to focus with intensity on the ideas in the book, but I also relaxed and allowed the meanings to arise in an effortless manner. At school, although I wasn’t the greatest teacher in the world, my classes did flow along in a well-balanced way. There was a little of everything: some quiet periods, some brilliant conversation, some tedium, some effusive bursts of wisdom and happiness. My students and I didn’t change the world yesterday, but we did experience some of the great pleasantness of life. After school, I drove two of my students over to my son’s school to talk with him about tutoring kids in his 3rd grade classroom. During that time, I felt a pleasing combination of emotions: for instance, disappointment that my students had to ride in my messy car, but elation at how well our visit went. In Matt’s well-organized classroom, we sat at the tiny round table and enjoyed a beneficial conversation about their forthcoming duties as tutors. Driving back to school with the kids, I thought about how blessed I was to live such a sweet and even-handed life.

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