Monday, November 06, 2006

Yesterday, I realized, once again and with great clarity, that the reason life is so astonishing to me is that it’s utterly without limitations. I didn’t always believe this. For most of my life, I was held captive by the belief that limitations were everywhere – that life, in fact, was completely controlled by limitations. For me (as for most people, I guess), life was a material phenomenon, and matter implied things and separations and borders and limits. Like most of us, I felt hemmed in, trapped, surrounded, and threatened. Later, however, I was able to gain a totally different view of reality, and what makes it so astounding is its boundlessness. I now see reality as made of thoughts instead of things, of mind instead of matter. I understand that all reality, all power, starts with ideas – and the beautiful truth about ideas is that they have no boundaries. You can’t say exactly where one idea ends and another begins, nor can you ever come to the “end” of an idea. Ideas, the engines that power life, are infinite, immeasurable, and endless. The implications of this are thrilling. If there are no limitations, then there are no separations, which means all people, animals, mountains, flowers, stars, and suns are a single, harmonious reality. We may seem to be separate and different and independent and unattached, but in truth we are one sweet and musical performance. Life is not a fight to be won or lost, but a dance to be performed and enjoyed – and this is always an amazing truth to realize.

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