Monday, November 06, 2006

I’m filled with gratitude when I look back at yesterday – and who wouldn’t be, when recalling a day filled with the beauties of nature and the joys of family life. In the early morning, I drove up to Brooklyn, CT, to see Jaimie, Jess, and Noah, and it was as pretty a drive as ever. I was full of appreciation as I passed frosty, solemn-looking fields and looked ahead to hazy hills in the distance. At that time of day, I felt like I was privileged to be almost entirely alone with the stately scenery. I felt even more fortunate, though, when I was surrounded by my family up at Luke and Krissy’s house in Millbury, MA. Jaimie, Noah, and I drove up there after breakfast with Jessie, and we enjoyed a wonderful morning of family fun. I felt like Thanksgiving Day had arrived several weeks early as I watched the happiness unfold. The best part, I think, was when we played outside in the sunny, leaf-strewn yard. We raked the red leaves of the Japanese maple into a big pile, and then Jaimie, Kaylee, and Noah had great fun leaping into the pile and tossing leaves here and there. I think I laughed continually for a full fifteen minutes. I felt brimful of thankfulness as I watched the simple, joyful scene.

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