Saturday, November 18, 2006

Today I wore suspenders for the first time in many months, and it helped me recall why I used to wear them regularly. All day long, I never once had to hoist up my pants. Wherever I walked, my pants stayed comfortably above my waist, held there securely by the trusty suspenders. I somehow felt more relaxed, a little freer, as though I had one less thing to be concerned about. This seemingly insignificant experience today helped me remember how much difference small things (like suspenders) can make in life. Just by fastening on the suspenders in the morning, I guaranteed myself a happier and more rewarding day. They’re just strips of elastic, bought for under twenty dollars, but they transformed my day in a noteworthy way. I wonder how many other small, trifling things do that for me, without my ever appreciating them. All around me, from morning to night, little aids and supports come to my rescue and render life more agreeable. Hot tap water, a car that starts, clean socks each morning, lights that switch on whenever I need them, road signs to show me the way, a telephone to call anyone in the world anytime – these are blessings to be noticed and valued way more than I usually do.

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